LCD vs LED, Which is Better?


The LCD vs LED difference should be noticed. By understanding the difference between LED and LCD, you will be able to purchase right screen for your requirements. There is a great price difference between LED and LCD. Obviously, LCD displays are available at a lesser price than LED screens. However, you should understand the fact that LED displays offer better quality of view and they will let you save lots of money in the long run.

LED advantages

As you go for LED Vs LCD comparison, you should understand that Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) offers decent picture quality. The drawback with LCD screens is that the images will burn while being displayed. On the other hand, LED displays offer good quality brightness and contrast ratios. The color reproduction with LED screens is very good. Another advantage with LED screen is that it offers high refresh rate. The power saving potential of LED screens is 40% more than LCD screens. Hence, when you check LCD vs LED, it is true that the initial cost of LED screens will be high. However, the amount will be balanced in your monthly power bills. There will be a substantial cut down of energy through LED.

Key differences

When you compare LED with LCD, by choosing LED, you will contribute towards the environment friendly product. LCD screens are made of mercury which will be a cause of pollution. The thickness of LED screen is just one third of the LCD screen. The weight of LED screen is half of the LCD screen. Hence, LED screen occupies less space. It is easy to carry from one place to another place. Thus, LED Vs LCD comparison will let you know the number of benefits of the LED screen.

LED screens are made up of two types of technologies. One set of screens is manufactured with backlights that are arranged on the sides of the screen. Another set of screens come with backlit LEDs that are spread in all directions. Fully arrayed LED backlit screens deliver better performance than those screens which are lighted on the sides.

LCD advantages

LCD screens are affordable. The price tag of LCD screens is very much less than Plasma or LED screens. If you have sufficient lighting in your room, you can go for LCD screens. If you view television casually, you can go for LCD television screens. LCD screens come with flat screens. These are quite successful in replacing the CRT screens. CRT used to occupy a lot of space and they are not energy efficient. LCD has become quite handy. In addition to energy savings, they are durable as well. LCD screens come with fluorescent back lights.

What to choose?

It is true that with the launch of LED televisions, customers are in a state of confusion to figure out a TV for their needs. Even though LED televisions are expensive, they offer better image reproduction capabilities. They are energy efficient as well. As you go through LED Vs LCD benefits, you can make a wise choice.